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Individual and Family Counseling

The goal of individual and family counseling is to create a safe and stable home environment for children and families. We believe that a healthy and thriving family starts with the parent(s).  Often times, parents face challenges in parenting their own children due to the ways in which they were parented, stressful environmental situations, or a lack of knowledge. Parents give the best that they have.

When parents and families feel broken, disheartened, or hopeless, our therapists serve as a compassionate beacon, providing information and tools to support them in resolving problems in ways that strengthen and restore their family. Family members have the opportunity to discover how they can help create a healthy, happy, and well-functioning family. Using a cognitive behavior and trauma-focused approach, our therapists work with individuals and families to face their challenges and restore their families.

Familial relationship skills carry over into all aspects of an individual's life, including at school, work, with extended family, friends, and beyond.  To support and sustain positive changes for the family as a whole, we typically work with parent(s) individually and the family as a unit. We strive to support families in ways that encourage them to maintain their identities, cultural practices, and beliefs while working to achieve the goals identified in their in-person assessment. Change within a family is often challenging. Family members may feel stuck and may not know how to move towards their goals. We are there, step-by-step, to empower family members as they learn, practice, and use their new skills. With their in-person assessment as our roadmap, we monitor progress regularly to ensure parent(s) and family are on course.

Our independent, certified, licensed mental, social, and behavioral health counselors have a common passion for helping to resolve family disruptions and individual challenges.

Individual and family counseling services are available directly to families and as a referral through the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). We are a community-based agency and our services are provided in the comfort of the family's home.

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"There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."

~ Jill Churchill
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