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Alternatives for Families: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT)

Alternatives for Families: a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT) is a trauma-informed evidence-based treatment (EBT) designed to improve relationships between children and caregivers.

AF-CBT addresses individual and family problems relating to: 

An individual caregiver, a child/adolescent, and/or a family may exhibit these patterns. For that reason, AF-CBT targets the caregiver, child/adolescent, and the larger family context.

What is AF-CBT?

Alternatives for Families: a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF–CBT) is a comprehensive therapeutic approach designed to reduce or prevent the effects of child physical abuse, exposure to child or family aggression, and hostile family environments. It addresses many known risk factors for physical abuse and violence and helps families recover from the effects of exposure to verbal or physical aggression.

Skills Parents and Children Can Learn

AF–CBT teaches parents and children intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to enhance self-control, promote positive family relations, and reduce violent behavior.

These skills include

Using their new skills, child behavior and well-being improve, family members get along better, and families maintain a safer and more secure home environment. 

Who Can Benefit From AF-CBT?

AF–CBT is designed to be effective for a broad range of families engaged in verbal and/or physical aggression, whether the caregiver is angry, the child has behavior problems, or the family is volatile or "at-risk."

A family with any of the following is likely to benefit from AF-CBT:

AF-CBT Foundations

AF-CBT draws elements from several conceptual and treatment models, including cognitive therapy, behavioral and learning theory, family therapy, developmental victimology, and the psychology of aggression.

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